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Friday, August 17, 2018
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Graduation Requirements

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In compliance with requirements of both the Tennessee Department of Education and Tennessee Association of Non-public Academic Schools, all students who receive a high school diploma from FHCA must complete a minimum of 24 credit units. Each unit should reflect at least 150 hours of course instruction. In order to graduate, each student must meet the requirements for a University Prep Diploma unless exempt because of documented learning disability.
All FHCA students must take the ACT, SAT, or comparable college entrance test at least by December of the senior year. A combination of ACT score and student’s GPA is used to determine class ranking. Participation in the FHCA Graduation Ceremony in May of the senior year is mandatory for receiving a high school diploma. Graduates must comply with FHCA dress code/grooming requirements during all campus visits AND during graduation exercises. See for details of these requirements.
A diploma “With Honors” is awarded to any FHCA graduate who completes the University Prep curriculum, maintains at least a 3.0 academic average on a 4.0 scale, has satisfactory records of attendance and conduct, and achieves a minimum score of 21 (or equivalent) on the ACT or comparable college entrance examination. A diploma “With High Honors” is awarded for completing the same requirements, with the additional standards of 3.5 academic average  (GPA) and minimum ACT score of 25. A diploma “With Highest Honors” is awarded for completing the same requirements, with the additional standards of a 3.75 academic average (GPA) and a minimum ACT score of 29.
Course requirements are listed below. A credit in Bible is required for each school year the student is enrolled with FHCA. The University Prep program fulfills the requirements established by the Tennessee Board of Regents. Please be aware that any specific college or university may have additional requirements for its incoming students.
***NEW – Beginning with the graduating class of 2013, the State of TN has added additional requirements in Math, Science, and Personal Finance. These new requirements are noted in bold below. Students who are not able to score a 19 or above on the Math section of the ACT are exempt from the Advanced Math requirement, but must take another Math course to fulfill the 4th math credit requirement. More info on math requirements will be forthcoming.
University Prep Diploma
*Bible I, II, III, IV (4 credits)
English I, II, III, IV (4 credits)
Algebra I; Algebra II; Geometry, and Advanced Math (Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry) (4 credits)
Biology; Chemistry or Physics, and one other Lab Science (3 credits)
U.S. History (1 credit)
World History and/or World Geography (1 credit)
U.S. Government (0.5 credit)
Economics (0.5 credit)
Personal Finance (0.5 credit)
Health/Wellness (0.5 credit)
Physical Education. (1 credit; usually 0.5 credit per year of 75 yearly hours of activity)
Computer Education (1 credit)
Foreign Language, two units same language (2 credits)
Performing or Visual Art (Music, Art, Theatre, Dance) (1 credit)                                                       
Total:  24
* One credit of Bible required for each year enrolled in FHCA.