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To equip our students with
knowledge and understanding,
and enable them to view life from
a Biblical worldview that
demands excellence in all areas of
life in order to bring honor and
glory to God.

Annual Required Achievement Testing
March 14-18 / 24-25

We give the Stanford 10th edition nationally-normed achievement test to all our students in Grades 2-10 (with 1st grade being optional).

The test is multiple-choice. Grades 1-3 use consumable booklets which enables them to mark their answers in the test booklet. Grades 4-10 will bubble their answers on a separate answer document. The tests include such areas as Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Math, Spelling, Science, Social Studies, and Listening. The test usually takes two days, each with four-hour sessions to complete, except Grades 9-10, whose test is a bit shorter. (Breaks are included in these estimated times.) The test is not strictly timed and each student is expected to finish each section.
Students in Grades 11 & 12 should take the ACT or SAT college-entrance test.

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