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What are FHCA Graduates doing out in the 'real' world?
Franklin Wallace - AwardWinner!

Franklin Wallace ('14)

Franklin Wallace, is a 2014 graduate of Faith Heritage. He was awarded this extremely prestigious award in Berlin, Germany, In October 2018!! The paragraph is a description of the program that he and his team of fellow students from SCAD designed.

Annaliese Burnett ('18)

On the roster for the Tennessee State University Tigers Basketball Team!

Annaliese Burnett of the TSU Tigers Basketball Team!
Jayla Dockery - evaluates local ecology!

Jayla Dockery ('18)

Read Jayla Dockery's Green Camp Paper from Summer 2018!


PLEASE send us any news of achievements, accomplishments, news clippings, articles, papers, etc from any of our wonderful FHCA graduates here. Or just jot a short note for us to contact you and we WILL follow up.
Thank you!!