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Distance Learning

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Need a High School Computer/Technical Credit? 

Classes below are offered Wednesday OR Friday beginning the week of Aug 17th.  See links for class times. Spots are limited. VISIT the links below each title for pricing and availability.
Each class is 1 semester long and 1/2 credit.  These will also be held in the spring (schedule TBD).

1. ** Video Game Design **

2. ** Web Development **
Section 1: HTML - Hypertext Markup Language

Section 2: CSS - Cascading Style Sheets 

Section 3: Javascript

3. ** Computer Programming 1 **

4. ** Computer Productivity **

Microsoft Office Applications 
WORD - Word Processing 
EXCEL - Spreadsheet 
POWERPOINT – Presentations
All classes have the following requirements: 
Laptop or Desktop computer 
Linux, Windows 10+, or MacOS 
High-speed internet during class time 
Headphones with microphone (Built-in computer mics are NOT acceptable due to feedback and ambient noise) 
Camera (optional) Screen Sharing for instructor and group lessons
Spots are limited. VISIT the links below each title for pricing and availability.

Todd Sparrow, Instructor 


SPANISH by Kimberly Feldmayer

I’m offering a completely virtual high school Spanish 1 course for homeschoolers in need of a high school Spanish credit. Classes will start mid-September. Pre-work and homework will be required. Students are expected to prepare BEFORE class so that they will be able to synthesize what their new material during class.

Laptop with a camera for live video class
Occasional use of a cell phone for sending pictures of some hand-written work and to call a Google voice number to make some speaking assessment recordings
A composition notebook (Binder with paper and dividers could be used instead)
Microsoft Teams- free version is fine
A Google/Gmail address for shared documents in Google Drive
A workbook/textbook that can be ordered for $15 from Amazon or vendor of your choice:

Other teacher provided resources that will be made available digitally.

Class time:
Live video class will be held for 1.25 hours on Monday afternoons from 3:30 to 4:45 PM.
6 live meetings per quarter for a total of 24 sessions
Students will have individual and group assignments, written homework, speaking assessments, and presentations, all performed remotely.

Structure, relative to change due to individual class pacing needs:
Quarter 1: Introductions, greetings, pronunciation, sharing personal information, home/school vocabulary. Beginning grammar concepts include definite and indefinite articles, the gender of nouns, adjectives placement, beginning sentence and question structure)
Quarter 2: Likes, dislikes, personal descriptions and feelings, friends, family. Grammar concepts include more in-depth verb conjugations and sentence structure, adjective agreement, gustar and verbs like gustar
Quarter 3: Food, clothes, places. Grammar concepts will address more verbs, indirect and direct objects
Quarter 4: Family and friends revisited. Grammar: intro to past tense and cumulative review

Kimberly Feldmayer