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Important News and Updates for FHCA On and Off-Campus Families!

Final Grades - Due June 15

Don’t forget to submit those final grades, if you haven’t already, no later than June 15 (unless you received permission to continue through the summer). The final grade report should include the grades for all four quarters and the final grade average for the school year.

Grade Report Forms: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD a PDF user-friendly report card form, as well as a Word document report card form, for your use to report first quarter grades. You need to save the form to your own computer before filling it in and sending to us. Grades must be reported each quarter. The dates for quarterly submissions are by October 31, January 15, April 1, and June 15. A separate report for each student must have the name and grade level of the student. You may use letter grades for grades 1-7, but numerical grades are required for grades 8-12. Questions are welcome if this is not clear. Use "H" beside the subject if the course taken was at Honors level. Also, for high school courses, put the name of the specific course in the subject space. Do NOT put the name of the curriculum on the report card.

Enrollment for 2019-2020 Begins Now

TIME TO SUBMIT ENROLLMENT FORMS AND PAYMENT NOW!!! Click here to fill out the online form and submit online or you may download a pdf version to print then please mail or email to us. Also, don’t neglect to download and fill out the required Curriculum Form and send to us by mail, email, or FAX (901) 872-0803. It is NOT acceptable only to submit the Curriculum Form and not the full enrollment application. The Application must be filled out completely and updated every school year. Both forms are due during the month of June.

PAYMENT FOR ENROLLMENT DUE IN JUNE - Our new, updated Fee Sheet is available online at this link. (The link to pay from the website does NOT currently work.) Effective June 1st the new, very slightly increased fees are applicable. Those with large families will be happy to see that the discounts for multiple children (more than 3) have increased substantially! Your fees for the 2019-2020 are due now, during the month of June. All payments should be received no later than July 1st. Thank you!!

Seniors-Please Read

2019 SUMMER MEETINGS for Rising Seniors and Parents of High School Students. Attendance at one Parents meeting per school year is required for off-campus enrollment. These meetings are specifically designed for parents of high school students or students nearing high school. Meetings for all parents will be held in August, schedule to be announced.

Tentative Schedule for June Senior Meetings (choose one):
Tues, June 18, 1-3 pm., Christ Community Baptist Church, 850 Peterson Lake Road, Collierville.
Thurs, June 20, 1-3 pm, Briarwood Community Church, 1900 N. Germantown Pkwy, Cordova
Tues, June 25, 1-3 pm, Faith Heritage campus, 4274 Duncan Road, Millington area

NOTE: Rising Seniors, if you want to receive a chart confirming the credits you have already earned and the ones you need to complete for graduation, you must RSVP for the particular meeting you will attend at least 48 hours before the meeting. Also, final grades should be submitted for this past school year by the 48-hour deadline.

NEW SENIORS – We have a very large Class of 2020. Therefore, in order to give our proper attention to the seniors who have been enrolled with us throughout high school or longer, we are NOT accepting any new seniors after June 1, 2019.
FHCA is celebrating 20 years


We are celebrating our 20th year anniversary with these royal blue logo design on sports gray T-shirts!

Shirts are available in Youth S, M, L and Adult S, M, L, XL for $10 each. Available in 2XL and 3XL for $15 each. If you would like to order one/some, send details on what you want and payment made out to FHCA to FHCA, P.O. Box 280758, Memphis TN 38168. Send order and payment by June 10 for pick-up at summer meetings in June.


DONATIONS are always needed and welcome. Monetary donations are definitely welcome. We are also requesting your help in two specific areas, if you are so inclined. You may bring these items to one of the summer meetings:

Paper Products for the school – paper towels, bathroom tissue, Kleenex (any brand), and copy paper.

Items for the needy children of Abaco Island, including Haitian refugees, for our annual Faith Heritage mission, July 12-21. We are taking children’s toothbrushes, small toothpastes, Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment (no certain brands), and small, individually-wrapped hard candy. Small school supplies would be acceptable too, such as small boxes of crayons, glue sticks, pencils, and children’s non-sharp scissors. With the limit of weight for luggage, we need items as light as possible.

KROGER REWARDS PROGRAM - Faith Heritage received a check in May from the Kroger Rewards Program for $357.95!! This is the largest check we have received from this program and it is all because of YOU! We appreciate you signing up for this program. If you have not done it, PLEASE DO! Check with your local Kroger if you need help signing up. It costs you nothing! As you can see, this program can make a huge difference to our school. Thank you for all your continued support of Faith Heritage Christian Academy!


Jackie and Frank Wallace, former off-campus parents whose children have graduated college and beyond, have been involved for 24 years in an Aviation Careers Education Camp. It has grown tremendously over the years, and now Mr. Frank Wallace is the Senior Consultant for the camp. It’s funded by OBAP, the Organization of Black Airline Professionals, but the camp is open to students of any race. It’s a week-long camp exposing 14-18 year old students to aviation careers; each child will fly an airplane with an instructor. We have about 6 airplanes. They also take a day trip to the Huntsville Space Camp. The cost is $45 for registration. It’s an approximate $1000 per child cost, but it’s ALL underwritten by OBAP. We have some open slots. The website is OBAP.org; then go to Project Aerospace, then Youth Programs, then to ACE Camp to register. The camp is June 17-21st. The closing reception is on 6/21 at FedEx Forum. This is an amazing opportunity!

Bellevue School of the Performing Arts

Would your homeschooled student be interested in playing in a concert band, singing in a choir, or developing their acting or music skills? Bellevue’s School of Performing Arts is launching a new set of music programs, some of which are designed just for homeschoolers. At the Bellevue SPA you’ll find affordable prices and exceptional instructors in a distinctly Christian environment.

Please click the links below to discover our exciting new programs:
Homeschool Concert Band

HiS Homeschool Choir

Intro to Theatre (Drama) Class

Trash Can Percussion Ensemble

Intro to Music Production Class

Music Composition Class

Also check out the SPA’s new Center for Music in Worship, where students are equipped to play in a worship settings - https://www.bellevue.org/spa (scroll half way down).
To sign up, or for additional information, please contact the School of Performing Arts office at 901-347-5711.

Our Response to the current abortion issue

Abraham Hamilton III, special counsel for the American Family Association, has made plain our responsibility relating to the current abortion issue with this “Don’t kill the babies” video. Watch it here.

Memphis Home Education Association

Our local chapter of the Tennessee Home Education Assoc., is an extremely helpful organization and network which has vast resources for all local home-educating families, including timely legislative updates, student activities, contests, sports teams, various classes, regular valuable information, and more. MHEA is the ideal complement to our Faith Heritage program. Visit www.MyMHEA.org for more info!